At Quartz Life, our mission is to be a facilitator for others along their path of healing, health and wellness.  One important way we accomplish this mission is through connection with the local community. These are local individuals and businesses that have had a profound impact on the "spiritual coast" and we believe could be influential on your own journey.

Nourished Spirit



Nourished Spirit, provides the EC with the best tools the mind and body needs to survive, it’s our favorite springtime place to shop.

Sarraqa's Earth Song.png

Sarraqa’s Earth Song

Sound Healing, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Sarraqa’s songs not only soothe the soul, but can help you find the inner peace in the moment.

Emeral Waves Chiropractic Center.png

Emerald Waves Chiropractic Center

At Emerald Waves Chiropractic Center we practice Network Spinal. Network Spinal is an evidence based, holistic approach developed to align the spine and remove interference of the nervous system.