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At Quartz Life, our mission is to be a facilitator for others along their path of healing, health and wellness.  One important way we accomplish this mission is through connection with the local community. These are local individuals and businesses that have had a profound impact on the "spiritual coast" and we believe could be influential on your own journey.
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Nourished Spirit

Nourished Spirit, provides the EC with the best tools the mind and body needs to survive, it’s our favorite springtime place to shop.

Sarraqa's Earth Song.png

Sarraqa’s Earth Song

Sound Healing, Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Sarraqa’s songs not only soothe the soul, but can help you find the inner peace in the moment.


Destin Angel Vibes

Destin Angel Vibes is a Spiritual & Healing Center in Destin, FL that provides classes, services and products.

Owl in the wind healing.jpeg

Owl in the Wind Healing

Owl in the Wind Healing offers sound healing, spiritual healing reiki, and other integrative healing arts.

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Reminders of the Divine

Marissa is a private yoga teacher who provides guidance tailored in yoga practice for individuals, couples, families, and small groups.

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My Divine Dreams

My Divine Dreams believes we are spiritual beings observing a human experience. Their goal is to help spiritual truth seekers rebuild confidence and fulfill their purpose.

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Destin Hot Yoga

Destin Hot Yoga has been serving the local area since 2010. They serve locals and visitors alike, offering a variety of yoga classes for all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

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Roots Shoppe

Roots Shoppe's passion is working with the Divine Feminine! In addition to great products, they offer a safe space to connect, talk, and learn. From menstruation and birth, to sex and body positivity, Roots is a place to discuss taboo topics in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Stone Soup.jpeg

Stone Soup ISC

A professionally operated spiritual center utilizing the gifts and talents of many lightworkers. Their spiritual work comes from the one source of universal light and love.

Destin Beverage Company.jpeg

Destin Beverage Company

Destin Beverage Company offers freshly sourced ionized, alkaline water for the Emerald Coast, providing amazing benefits both to families and businesses.

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Gnarly Fish Prints

Harley Van Hyning is a local gyotaku artist. This Japanese word describes the process of creating prints or "rubbings" directly from a fish. Explore artwork with a direct connection to nature. 

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From Raw to Wrapped

From Raw to Wrapped offers one of a kind Hand Made pendants. Each piece is made from Raw materials and finished with wire wrapped Beauty.

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Southern Grace Lavender Farm

Southern Grace Lavender Farm is hidden among the Sand Hills of the Emerald Coast, surrounded by the sweet aroma of lavender. We grow and harvest more than 1,200 plants by hand every season and distill the pure essential oils for use in our quality lavender products.

Cafe Organic.jpeg

Café Organic

Café Organic offers delicious, Organic food to the Emerald Coast. They are enthusiastic about teaching our community the tremendous value of eating nutritious but still delicious foods! They encourage you to join our health care revolution. Be inspired, health is your choice.

DCC Hypnosis_edited.png

DCC Hypnosis, NLP & Life Coaching

Deana Cooper Chapman has been practicing Hypnosis, NLP, and Life Coaching since 2008 and became an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor in 2016. As a level one pranic healer, she is able to combine her communication skills, education, and life experiences with her passion for helping others.

Thai Massage.jpeg

Thai Massage

Muriel Duncan is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Experienced Yoga Instructor. She looks for the reasons behind your symptoms, treating your body as a whole. She places emphasis on releasing postural restrictions, helping your body to recover from injuries and chronic conditions.

Spiritual Warrior Coaching.webp

Spiritual Warrior Coaching

At Spiritual Warrior Coaching it is their honor to create a safe, accepting, and supportive structure for your exploration to connect to your own Inner Warrior.

The Yogi Binary.webp

The Yogi Binary

Yogi B is a certified holistic wellness practitioner, it is their goal to help connect others with their True Self. They use a variety of methods to help you find your inner truth and unlearn, rewire, and heal through all of the self-doubt, fear, and blockages holding you back from all you are worthy of receiving.

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Yoga Dharma Studios

Yoga Dharma Studios are home to all levels of practitioners, with an emphasis on every individual's self-sovereignty and empowerment to chose the practices that work for them. Check out all of their classes and professionally trained instructors and find out what resonates with you.



Zimbadayo is committed to connecting you with your inner musician. Aside from our product line of instruments from around the globe, we offer lessons, host workshops, and book private sound healing sessions. Zimbadayo has a variety of instruments to inspire the music in you.

Sunshine Yoga School.webp

Sunshine Yoga School

If you feel compelled to help others, offer yourself in selfless service, or just wanting to dive a little deeper into the wonderful world of yoga and energy healing, then you may be ready to take it to the next level with one of our transformational training courses.



Through an introductory consultation, strategic planning, learning the value of inspiration by means of public speaking and seminars, Gento works with you to make your dream business a reality. For digital marketing, PR, and brand building, visit Gento.

Ingham Shootz.jpeg

Ingham Shootz

Florida Based photographer, Trace Ingham, captures photos of moments one can only witness when truly engaged in the natural beauty of Florida. Prints and downloads of these breathtaking shots are available below. 

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Bodywork Bev

At Bodywork Bev, Beverly Kennedy has been doing therapeutic contact sessions, blending several modalities and my intuitive anatomical wisdom to bring rapid change to chronic pain and body awareness.

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Enlightenment Queen

Sherronda Preston, also known as the Enlightenment Queen, helps people heighten their consciousness and form a connection to universal energies. Explore your body's chakras to discover their meaning in your life and achieve balance.

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JDC Photography

The unique emerald-colored waters and white sand in Destin Florida are the perfect backdrops for any beach portrait. Let JDCPhoto capture those special moments for you.


Wild Destin


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